Digital applications


In response to the development of today's automotive industry, we provide customers with a series of solutions in the fields of "lightweight energy saving", "automatic driving" and "new energy". No matter passenger car or commercial vehicle , no matter be traditional fuel car or new energy car applied our product. Our products are applied to: brake system ABS/ESC; Transmission system; Engine system; Various types of magnetic valves; Fuel injection , Sensor technology; Air conditioning system, battery system. Due to the adoption of a large number of advanced drawing technology, such as high proportion thinning technology, the part performance is still guaranteed on the premise of saving the single weight of the product. Let you get reliable product quality on the premise of system weight reduction and cost reduction. We actively provide customers with economic deep drawing solutions, so that you can use the traditional machining parts and powder parts with lower cost deep drawing and stamping solutions. We provide localized solutions for our customers, not only reduce the purchase cost of our customers but also avoid the increasingly complex risks of international trade.