Secondary Process

Secondary process includes: cleaning, deburring, electroplating, heat treatment, machining, assembly, welding and other additional processes. These processes allow your products to be directly applied to your production line, reducing your purchasing and manufacturing costs.


Cleaning: the world-class brand cleaning equipment is used to remove the oil and impurities on the surface of the parts through the environmental protection solvent, and with the use of our 100000 class clean room, the product can be guaranteed a certain degree of cleanliness.


Deburring: we use a variety of deburring processes, such as slide grinding, vibration grinding, magnetic grinding, polishing and other processes.


Electroplating:together with reliable electroplating suppliers, we offer nickel plating, galvanizing, galvanizing nickel, gilding, silver-plating, anodizing, electrophoresis, etc. According to the characteristics of your product, choose the way of rolling plating, hanging plating to meet the special needs of parts.


Heat treatment: rich experience allows us to work with suppliers to provide you with: annealing, tempering, carburizing, nitriding and carburizing processes to meet the ever-changing needs of metal parts.


Machining: yuqin machining center has perfect machining equipment, from wire cutting, edm, to machining center and other high-precision machining equipment, which can surely meet your requirements for product multi-machining process.


Assembly and welding: yuqin also has certain experience in the field of metal parts assembly, no matter riveting or welding; Both manual and automated, we offer excellent solutions.