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November Employee Birthday Party

The employee birthday party is an important component of corporate cultural activities, and caring for employees and shaping excellent corporate culture is Yuqin's unremitting pursuit. The company has always attached great importance to the construction of its corporate culture, striving to create a warm and comfortable working and living environment for its employees, which has forged the company's strong combat effectiveness and cohesion. This is also a strong driving force for Yuqin to maintain leadership in the industry. A cake symbolizes a united collective, shining candles like beating hearts. The heart is exciting because of the collective, and the collective is proud of the heart. In Yuqin, there is a group of people who silently adhere to frontline operations. Although there are no grand feats, they are constantly nourished by the warmth of the Yuqin family. Nourishing things silently, small things show true feelings. A birthday cake, a birthday card, a birthday wish, although simple in form, reflects our care and blessings for every member, making them feel the warmth and harmony of the company's big family.

Welcome leaders from the Organization Department of Changshu Municipal Party Committee to visit and guide!

On the afternoon of April 15, 2020, leaders of the Organization Department of the Changshu Municipal Party Committee visited our company, accompanied by company leaders such as Bian Shengwei and Sun Xiaoyin. The leaders first came to the office area to understand the company's development process, management system, and future development plans. The leaders pointed out some suggestions and opinions for this, hoping that the company can be further improved in future development.

Warmly welcome the leaders to visit our company!

On the morning of April 2, 2020, accompanied by secretary gao of guri town, vice mayor wu of changshu city visited our company. General manager of the company bian shengwei gave warm reception, and went into the production workshop, led the leaders to understand the safety of production, product quality and work process of our company, and introduced the company's development direction and investment projects to several leaders, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the leaders. At the same time, the high secretary of guri town, vice mayor wu provided some valuable Suggestions for the further development of the company.


Shanghai Yuqin Precision Mould Co., Ltd. To Celebrate The Success Of The Station!

Yuqin precision is a new enterprise focusing on the development of precision mould, the production of metal deep drawing parts and precision stamping parts. The company has the full process capability


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