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Passionate Dragon Boat Festival Activities

When the leaves of rice dumplings were fragrant, the company held the activity of "Loving the Dragon Boat Festival, Loving Yuqin - Making Zongzi Contest" on June 2, in order to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and enhance the communication and friendship of the staff. Everyone gathered together to celebrate the holiday in advance. Under the guidance of my aunt, I learned how to pinch the leaves, how many meters to put and how to wrap Zongzi. Here are the prepared raw materials, folded leaves, tied threads, and emerald green zongzi leaves dancing gracefully in everyone's hands, suddenly square and angular in all directions; Suddenly, it pointed again, like a dragon horn. One after another, Zongzi was born. The entire event was filled with laughter and joy.

November Employee Birthday Party

The employee birthday party is an important component of corporate cultural activities, and caring for employees and shaping excellent corporate culture is Yuqin's unremitting pursuit. The company has always attached great importance to the construction of its corporate culture, striving to create a warm and comfortable working and living environment for its employees, which has forged the company's strong combat effectiveness and cohesion. This is also a strong driving force for Yuqin to maintain leadership in the industry. A cake symbolizes a united collective, shining candles like beating hearts. The heart is exciting because of the collective, and the collective is proud of the heart. In Yuqin, there is a group of people who silently adhere to frontline operations. Although there are no grand feats, they are constantly nourished by the warmth of the Yuqin family. Nourishing things silently, small things show true feelings. A birthday cake, a birthday card, a birthday wish, although simple in form, reflects our care and blessings for every member, making them feel the warmth and harmony of the company's big family.

Pan Hao, Member of the Standing Committee of Changshu Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization Department, Visits Our Company

On November 11th, Pan Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the Changshu Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization Department, and Pan Wei, Deputy Minister of Organization Department and Director of the Municipal Talent Office, led a team to Guli Town to conduct on-site research on the promotion of the "Kuncheng Talent" technology entrepreneurship leading talent project. Officials from the relevant offices of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Commerce Bureau, and Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee participated in the survey, accompanied by Tan Xiaohua, Secretary of the Guli Town Party Committee, and Liu Fei, Secretary of the Youth League Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Town Party Committee. A group of people came to our company to have face-to-face communication with General Manager Bian Shengwei, to observe the production, operation, and other aspects of the enterprise on site, and to have a detailed understanding of the difficulties and problems that exist in the development process of the enterprise. Yuqin Precision Drawing Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. settled in Guli Town, Changshu City in June 2019. It is a technology enterprise specializing in the design and manufacturing of metal drawing molds. The enterprise has the full process capability from mold design, process development to deep drawing, stamping production, and subsequent processes, and can provide customers with one-stop metal deep drawing solutions. In 2020, the cumulative sales revenue has reached 45 million yuan, with a tax payment of 1.3 million yuan. Under the influence of the epidemic and trade war, it is very urgent to deepen the localization of the supply chain. Combining with the technological innovation of the enterprise itself, Yuqin is striving to catch up with the gap with industry giants, strive to achieve overtaking on curves, break industry monopolies, and achieve autonomy, safety, and controllability of the domestic deep industrial chain. Yuqin attaches great importance to talent team building. Zhang Suwen, the General Manager of Enterprise Operations, once served as the Director of R&D and Digitalization in China at Honeywell Automotive Business Unit in the United States. He is an expert in intelligent equipment and lean management, and applied for the "Kuncheng Talent" technology innovation leading talent in Changshu in 2020. At the same time, the company has also cultivated a stable team of highly skilled talents, with outstanding R&D and industrialization capabilities.

Welcome leaders from the Organization Department of Changshu Municipal Party Committee to visit and guide!

On the afternoon of April 15, 2020, leaders of the Organization Department of the Changshu Municipal Party Committee visited our company, accompanied by company leaders such as Bian Shengwei and Sun Xiaoyin. The leaders first came to the office area to understand the company's development process, management system, and future development plans. The leaders pointed out some suggestions and opinions for this, hoping that the company can be further improved in future development.

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